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The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children 

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The practice of Permaculture (Nature Based Solutions) is guided by 3 ethics:

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People Care

We are, as an indigenous species on this planet, entitled to our footprint. We should be able to take what we need to sustain ourselves. We are entitled to all the food, water, shelter and education that the planet can easily provide for us if we are able to manage our impact and  live a resilient lifestyle.

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Earth Care

All life should be allowed to live and thrive in their environments. It is our duty to protect soil, sea, atmosphere, forest, natural habitats and water. When we look after our environment,  it becomes so much easier to look after ourselves sustainably

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Fair Share

We live in a world of finite resources. We can no longer simply be takers, a parasite on this planet. We must be willing to give back to the system that supports us. An energy exchange that only happens in one direction is not sustainable. Fair share is the overseeing of the first 2 ethics of permaculture, the accountability check to ensure we are doing it correctly.

and actioned by applying the 3R's:



for our impact



for all other living beings




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