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Permaculture Design Consultations 

Should you require advice on implementing permaculture in your garden or on your land, the PRCCT will happily come and assist you with your design.


Aquaponics - Home System Designs


We offer an Aquaponic Consultations, for those wishing to have a fully functioning system in their own home. From this consultation, we will can provide you with a full component list and a basic design. You can choose to implement the design yourself or we can give you a quote for us to install the system for you. 



Urban Farming Consultation


Not everyone wants to permaculture their garden some people still like it old school. We also offer a service through our Urban Farmers Business doing lawn to vegetable plot conversions. This might be putting in a wicking bed, raised bed garden or just lifting the lawn and laying out your vegetable beds in what would be the most productive ​way. 


Rates for consultations

Consultations are charged at a basic rate of R320 per hour, (Minimum 2-hours). 

Travelling expenses are charge at R27 per km and R150 per hour in the Cape Town areas. Should you require me to travel further afield rates will need to be renegotiated.   


Mobile courses - Can't get to us then we'll come to you


Often it is difficult for people to travel to the Permaculture Research Centre Cape Town to take our courses, however, we are happy to travel to you! If you can provide a venue and willing students we will happily come and teach the full range of courses, we offer, at your place. We will happily assist you in advertising through our established social media platforms. The cost of running courses will be R300 per head per day course, minimum of 10 students attending, plus travelling expenses and if required food and accommodation.

Nb. We will only be able to bring basic teaching aids to the course. Depending on the course you want, it might mean, you will be required to provide some of the key resources. 


For more information about any of our additional services, please contact us.

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